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Yeah, hp is online and I think, it’s ok! I got some new instruments (thanks to Roland, E-MU and Native Instruments) and some more that leads to a newer sound. There is so much to learn and I’d already sent some demos to some labels. Let’s see what happens. Music is a gift, but it should not be for free at all.
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Hey You! Thanks for visiting this hp.  Phineas Gage is music, a project name. It is Pop, it is Electronic, it is Rock - somehow. Something in between. The person behind is Marco Korda. Enjoy! This is a program!  
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Nature and Industry in a symbiotic commonm way? See what happens when Phineas Gage is melting as metal into the nature landscape of Enger, Germany. There, where Alphaville was born, in the countryside of western part of Germany, there you can find yourself. And Phineas Gage. It’s Industrial, isn’t it? Somehow...
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It is not to forget that music is not just like a combinattion of beats, sounds and melody. There should be also a focus on lyrics. I know, it’s trivial to think like that, but it is also subtle. There is no tranquility without a spoken word. In your head, you zombie! Take it out, lay it down and watch it! Watch this!
This is a program!
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